One of the things that I enjoy about being an artist is the ability to take the viewer to a certain event or place in history. In September of 1856, Peter Maughan and a small group of men with their families entered Cache Valley. I often imagine what it would have been like to be in that first group of settlers, to set eyes on this valley for the first time and have the awesome opportunity to settle this untamed land. Near the completion of this painting I came across a quote written in the journal of Mary Weston Maughan, wife to Peter Maughan, “The road was good until we came to Wellsville Canyon, which we found very rough and narrow in some places and with a very steep hill to descend, but we got down alright. When we got to the mouth of the Canyon, we stopped to look at the beautiful Valley before us…” We do live in a beautiful valley.

The original painting is sold.  This listing is for a giclée canvas print of this image.  Our canvas prints are mounted on a foam board will be shipped ready to frame. Prints come in a variety of sizes. Please choose size at checkout. For more information on giclée prints please click here.  All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.


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